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Area Property Unit# Size Max
Rent Details
 DBel Franklin2111BR40%428Click
 S55th Ave1032BR60%679Click
 S55th Ave1112BR60%679Click
 S55th Ave1221BR60%590Click
 S55th Ave2011BR60%590Click
 S55th Ave2042BR60%679Click
 S55th Ave2072BR60%679Click
 S55th Ave2182BR60%679Click
 S55th Ave2273BR60%795Click
 S55th Ave2373BR60%795Click
 S55th Ave3252BR60%679Click
 S55th Ave3322BR60%679Click
 S55th Ave3373BR60%795Click
 SCJ Court203BR50%590Click
 WCottonwood Springs 121BR30%532Click
 WCottonwood Springs 2C11BR30%547Click
 EGreen Gables2BR50%542Click
 EEl Estero40041BR50%515Click
 EEl Estero60022BR50%555Click
 EEl Estero60072BR50%555Click
 EEl Estero60082BR50%555Click
 EEl Estero60142BR50%555Click
 EEl Estero70062BR50%555Click
 EWoodruff Heights9044BR40%616Click
 EWoodruff Heights9244BR40%616Click
 EAspen Grove52BR50%495Click
 EAspen Grove62BR50%495Click
 EAspen Grove292BR50%595Click
 EAspen Grove302BR50%495Click
 EAspen Grove332BR50%595Click
 EAspen Grove402BR50%595Click
Units Available as of April 21, 2014
NOTE: All units subject to prior rental
N = North Spokane  S = South Spokane E = East Suburbs (Valley)  W = West Suburbs
D = Downtown Area  SRO = Single-Room Occupancy  DOI = Depends on Income 
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